hana kimi season 2 taiwan


from left ella chen(S.H.E) and jiro wang and also wu chun of (Fahrenheit)

ok, so the hANa kimi season 2 was canceled…  much to my dismay, i was reaaly looking forward for the sequel even it would be just a movie,.. or much better another idol drama starring all the cast of HANA KIMI TAIWAN would be a smash!!!

I wonder if they are planning somehow a movie or another idol drama???

many are really mesmerized and enchanted not just by ella chen and wu chun as well as jiro wang also danson tang but all the unique cast and qualities of the HANA KIMI TAIWAN CAST…

I read from a gossip site that the reason there wont be any hana kimi season 2 because it didnt gathered much ratings as much as the season 1 however i really don’t care as long as there is a sequel or a movie since hana kimi season 1 kept me puzzled as to how the story of the whole cast will go..

I mean what will happen if jiro wang and danson tang find out about ruixi’s gender?? will they fall in love and what will happen to quan??? as they are no longer ambigous with their realtionships?? will they become more intimate???


if i were the script writer of the HANA KIMI SEASON 2 it will go on like this… what do you think???


ruixi manage to graduate  at ying tae…  and even though they go on separate lives,… they still communicate through emails, calls and texts..

ruixi went back to america as for quan,.. he still practice high jumping the others went back to their home town… Mei tian,.. remains at ying tae as the schools doctor,…

3 years later…

ying tae was closed due to bancruptcy,… and so Mei tian had to resign and find another corporate to work as a doctor..

along his way,.. he stumble with quan with jiro, danson, and da sho..

coincidently they are working at the JK corporate entertainment industry..

Mei tian was hired to be the corporate doctor..

a little later,.. ruixi called to quan that she is returning  taiwan, quan happily and enthusiastically tell everyone the news,.. but do take note that jiro, danson tang and da sho still has not yet known ruixi’s real gender..

ruixi didnt give any details however to quan where she is going to work,.. and ruixi also doesnt know where quan works,….

quan was expecting ruixi to arrived early in the morning so he hurriedly went to the airport together with the others to welcome ruixi,.. but then ruixi connecting flight was delayed and her phone was out of reach,..

2 days later….

there was a buzz at the jk company..

a newcomer will arrive one of the asset of the jk company and will be working with the advertisement department where quan and the others are assigned..

quan was curious.. and so they are assigned to welcome the newcomer,.. they prepared the hall for the event…

moments later everything was ready… everyone are waiting…

and as this lady approaches the center stage,..

quan was surprised that it was ruixi after all…

jiro, danson tang and dasho,. were familiarizing the face,.. and as ruixi introduces her name,… the three of them were shocked!

especially jiro,.. his heart beats a lot faster that he couldn’t breath..

as they all meet,… ruixi apologize for lying and hiding her real gender identity,.

and finally ruixi is reunited with quan…

but now that the others finally know her identity.. what will be the impact will this do to their relationship with the others?????

a whole lot of romance and comedy with quan, danson and jiro fighting over ruixi,.. and mei tian,… being a lot more manly…….

what do you think????

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    hana kimi season 2 plot

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    hana kimi season 2

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    hana kimi taiwan version

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